Springing to the Nursery!

After a couple tough work weeks and a fair amount of rain we stepped out into our neglected garden on a Saturday morning to assess the damage…Despite needing a bit of a scrub, pruning and some TLC it was clear that our garden was springing back to life. Perfect timing since we are almost ready for summer BBQ season. Here are a few pictures from the garden this weekend:

Front of Garden


Front Yard - Looking towards the street

If you were reading the Evolution of the Fence post then you now have a peak at our much needed privacy fence.

Can you Imagine a long outdoor table for weekend brunches/dinners! I can, now I have to find one :)

Now for a closeup:

Lime Tree... Or not... That is at least what the tag said, then the tree started growing oranges...

Pretty red <3 leaves finally showing up after a long winter

And now for the grand finale… My amazing lemon tree that has come back to bear wonderfully sweet Meyer lemons. When we bought the house 2 years ago this poor tree was so sick and had the worst tasting fruit. I am happy to say that it has sprung fully back and is supplying myself, family, friends and coworkers with a limitless lemon supply:

Lemon Tree

Lemonade anyone!

After working around the yard I decided it was time for a break, a little outdoor shopping was in order. So off to the nursery we went. The sad truth is that I have a bit of a brown (sometimes black) thumb. The only two plants I consistently can keep alive are orchids and succulents. So I am sure you can understand why I immediately fell in love with these succulent pots! How great would they be on my non-existent outdoor dinner table. Or on my other non-existent coffee table by the soon to be fire pit.

The beauty of these plants is that they only need water once every few weeks to a month and they can be planted in shallow soil. They are by far the heartiest plants I have ever dealt with and I personally love the array of color and texture you can find. I was ready to grab that first pot off the table to take it home when I glanced at the price tag of $340.00… Are you kidding me, for a bowl of plants! So I snapped a few pictures and decided to store this one in the memory banks for the day I have an outdoor table to put them on. For now I will enjoy these photos as inspiration!

I think the family member most excited about the garden was our little “creature” Nipo… Here she is basking in the filth/sun.


Eating our Plants…

Pissed off to be back inside:

Trying to Escape.

Are any of my 4 confirmed readers working on their yards/patios/balconies/houseplants?

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8 Responses to Springing to the Nursery!

  1. Jaimie says:

    Saw your link on the AT comments… LOVE your fence! And I am especially jealous of your awesome lemon tree.

  2. ashley says:

    Well Rocky, I do believe we think alike. The fence you built is almost identical to what I drew up for Courtney to make. It is fabulous!

  3. Tara says:

    I just came over from ohdeedoh, where you gave me some ideas for my big empty yard. (Thanks!) I had to say – I too LOVE your fence! It looks so fantastic with the boards running horizontally. I am also envying your warmer climate… the fruit trees look amazing! We can’t put any plants in the ground until the end of May because of the risk of frost…

    • Rocky says:

      Thank You so much! I can’t tell you how happy we are with the fence, besides the fact that it was super affordable, we now have so much privacy. We have a Really small yard so we are trying to capture as much of the space as possible. The hardest thing for us is the cost of sprucing up the outdoors. We can’t believe how expensive outdoor furniture and plants are.
      Where are you located? Have you purchased a swing set yet? Our friends found an amazing deal on craigslist and bought a huge fort/swingset for their daughters. It only required a little paint and new hardware. For $100 they found a $1500 swingset.

      • Tara says:

        Yeah – the cost is huge. I just spent $75 on plants this weekend for one little flower bed! We’ll definitely be doing our yard a bit at a time over the next few years. (Although I wish it could be finished so we could enjoy it right now!) I’m in Saskatchewan, Canada, so we only have from late spring to early fall to really do any work on the yard.

        • Rocky says:

          Have you tried searching craigslist for deals on plants? I’ve heard you can get some great deals that way. I’ve been slowly adding to my garden one $30 dollar plant at a time. Crazy expensive! Have fun planting up your garden for summer!

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