Life Under Construction

It is about time that I share a few “In Progress” photos with all of you! As I walk around our house shooting mediocre pictures ( throwing piles of laundry, dirty dishes and the like out of sight) I realize that our house is never in a state that is “perfect” for picture taking. The reality is that we Live in our house. We like to cook (A lot), we have a filthy little creature who likes to roll in the dirt/cement piles and track it back into the house and we spend a lot of time working on “projects”. So with no further ado, or excuses I will show you the current state of 1508.

The Family room:

Family Room

Who am I kidding…plenty of more excuses to come…Here is my 8 year old Zgallerie ottoman ( in desperate need of slip covering). I keep saying I will take a sewing class and make the ottoman slip cover my project. With work, woodshop, renovating and the occasional relaxing I think we are going to have to live with the beat up ottoman for a while longer.

Across from the Couch

The walnut credenza on the right was my First major woodshop undertaking. I designed it based on a lot of my favorite mid century furniture. The only thing missing are the two sliders that will hide the right and left compartments. I have a habit of finishing things to 95% . Andy will be happy when I finally complete this piece and prove I can finish a project. I will be happy to hide the Wii fit boards and yoga mat :)

Looking Towards the kitchen

Another piece of furniture near and dear to my heart is this stainless steel table dinner. I welded up the frame with my dad and bought a remnant piece of travertine for the top.

Now looking the other way towards the front door:

Looking towards Front Door

Now for the kitchen:


The stove:

The Stove - F.W.Bertazonni I love you!

The laundry Room:

Laundry Room and Downstair Bathroom

Can you see me trying to hide in the photo…hehehe… I should probably start learning photoshop :)

To finish off the downstairs we will take a quick peak in the office. Prepare yourself for a complete disaster…

One day this will be cool...not today

How amazing would it be to have a charcol accent wall behind my flea market find London Bridge painting?! Oh…and to have the DIY plumbing pipe shelf finished and organized…a girl can dream!


On to the upstairs:

Upstairs Hallway

One day when I take the time to print pictures from our recent Southeast Asian excursion this picture wall will grow. Moving on into our Bedroom:

Master Bedroom

Currently working on convincing Andy that a patterned duvet might be a nice change from our three year old white one…No luck yet, and duvet’s are SO expensive! Maybe I can work in some new pillow shams :)

Antique Table

As I said, we “Live” in our house ( proof above on the nightstand)…

Looking from our bed towards the windows

Off our room is the giant rooftop patio that is in need of some TLC. Once we finished the downstairs we are moving on to this outdoor space. I want a Jamie Durie style outdoor room up here :)

Roof Deck

So many plans for this space…never enough time or money!

Fancy railing shot and the tree that provides us with an amazing amount of privacy

Back into the house we have the middle bedroom to show off:

Middle Bedroom

Middle Bedroom

So… this bedroom was supposed to be our “workout” room…hahaha…ever since our move in November it has turned into a complete dumping ground for everything and anything that needs a home. I tell myself every week that I am going to take the time to organize this space. Install a “california closests” type closet organizer so I can find everything a home…Instead we shut the door and hope that our minions show up to clean our mess. No minions yet, so the mess continues to grow!

On to the guest bedroom:

Guest Bedroom

Guest Room - Hodge Podge

And finally the upstairs bathroom:

Upstairs Bathroom

I admit that the bathroom is not “that bad”… It is just that it is not us. One day I will follow through with my grand plans in here, in the meantime I will keep trying not to drop my hair dryer in the sink!

So friends, that is it! An overall inside 1508 house tour. I hope you enjoyed and I can’t wait to show you what it morphs into. Please feel free to comment on the good, the bad and the ugly…Any organizational home office advice would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - I am working on getting myself one of those fancy Nikon/Cannon cameras…until I save up enough pennies please keep putting up with my “medicore” photos.

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