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I am going to catapult back in time with this post to give everyone a little insight into our ever expanding To-Do list we have created for 1508. Most of our projects start with pen and paper in hand, drawing chicken scratch sketches of our next projects. To be honest, they usually start at happy hour with a cocktail napkin :) The very first list looked something like this:
• Remove cottage cheese ceilings throughout the whole house
• Remove termite damaged wood floors ( bummer )
• Remove bricks on interior walls
• Remove carpet
• Remove “Patio Cover”
• Remove wall paper in kitchen, laundry room, middle and guest bedrooms.
• Remove Kitchen appliances/hardware

Next the replacements:
• Replace Windows
• Replace Carpet
• Repaint entire house
       Lightly Sand Walls
       Apply Prime Coat
       Apply Final Coat
• Replace Kitchen Appliances
• Replace Wood Floors
• Replace Garage Door
• Replace interior doors
• Repaint Exterior

The list could go On and On. I am sure I missed many things, but you get the idea. We basically gutted and replaced the interior of the house.
Our plan was to spend the first month of weekends removing all interior finishes that were making the house currently unlivable. We also wanted to replace all the appliances during this period of time.

Week 1

The second month would be spent laying wood floors, painting the entire house in and out, replacing windows, refinishing the cabinets in the kitchen. Etc…

Replacing Windows - Week 5


Kitchen Painted

The third month would be spent adding the final touches, tile backsplash, baseboards, doors and moldings.

Master Bedroom Door Molding - We were very proud of pulling off this corner :)

Many of you may wonder why we decided to do a complete remodel all at once in lieu of a room by room reno. The first answer is that we had set aside a budget to renovate knowing that we were buying a house “as-is” that needed basic work done before moving in. Second we had set aside enough dough to overlap living in our apartment and house by one month. We stupidly thought this would be enough time to revive 1508 and bring it up to general living standards. Third, we were just plain overeager :)
So as you have seen from pictures, we managed to finish this to-do list and move on to the more exciting projects. As of today, this is where we stand with our ever expanding list:

  • Finish front Fence
  • Build front gate (something temporary to match fence?)
  • Paint Bedroom Door
  • Install wood floor in Master Bedroom
  • Base Bedroom
  • Paint Bedroom Base
  • Install new Middle Bedroom Closet doors (need to buy new ones currently missing parts)
  • Shave off bottom of back bedroom doors (they don’t clear the carpet)
  • Finish back bedroom (hang pictures/furniture)
  • Install sliding racks in kitchen cabinets
  • Organize office (finish COMM setup in closet)
  • Waterproof upstairs deck
  • Build Wood deck on garage roof
  • Fix wood railing on upstairs deck (all new pattern?)
  • Build-out frontyard BBQ
  • Build front yard Fire pit and counter/pull up bar
  • Pave BBQ/Firepit area
  • Build Pergola
  • Take down dead nectarine tree
  • Buy water fountain
  • Finish fencing along side of house
  • Build side gate
  • Clean out garage (probably during summer to avoid rains)
  • Re-finish garage floor
  • Drywall and finish garage walls
  • Build garage cabinets and shelving
  • New kitchen cabinet doors
  • New night stands (Rocky/ build during wood shop?)
  • Organize piles in middle bedroom
  • Organize linen closet
  • Set up work out/hobby room in middle bedroom
  • Demo downstairs bathroom
  • Re-do downstairs bathroom plumbing (fix shower/tub)
  • Assemble new downstairs bathroom (new tub, sink, vanity and toilet)
  • Tile and finish down stairs bathroom (stone, paint and lighting)
  • Demo upstairs bathroom
  • Re-do upstairs bathroom plumbing (relocate toilet, and second vanity)
  • Assemble new upstairs bathroom (new tub?, sink, vanities and toilet)
  • Tile and finish upstairs bathroom (stone, paint and lighting)
  • Hang Pictures throughout house
  • Install Cat Door to garage
  • Plant planters for privacy on roof deck
  • Decorate roof deck
  • Clean up backyard
  • Build raised vegetable garden
  • Build new railing for back door stoop
  • Paint Guest Bedroom a color
  • Provide moulding around all interior windows

These are some of the major projects we have been tossing back in forth for the last year. We have made progress on a few, they just don’t merit full strike through’s yet :) Hopefully we will get to them all one day.

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