We are The Wall-Nuts!

Hi, my name is Rocky and this is my husband Andy. We recently bought our first house in the Los Angeles area. We have been married over four years and both work full time as engineers. The insanity began with news of the first time home buyer incentive program; If the government was going to give us up to $8000 dollars to buy our first home then we were going to take it. The hard part was finding a home we could afford in the overly inflated California housing market. Luckily browsing housing listings is a hobby of mine, before Andy knew it I was dragging him all over to look at properties!

The House:

Before we knew it I had found us the dumpiest (cheapest) house in our area. We are talking navy blue high gloss ceilings and bricks mortared onto interior walls (Pictures to come). We both knew that buying a new house would not fit the bill; firstly because we had been dying to “TRY” renovating, secondly because we could not afford ANYTHING other than a foreclosed fixer upper. 45 days later we picked up our keys and excitedly drove to our “NEW” house. Since both our dads were in construction we thought we had this house renovating thing in the bag. Little did we know that our projected 2 month plan would escalate to 6 months of hardcore renovating (Every weekend and most evenings after work) and double in cost.  We tried to do everything as cheap as possible without compromising the quality of our renovations.

The Tenants:

At the end of six months our house was finally livable. Sadly, we had to make a tough decision in order to get back on track financially. We decided to stay in our much lower rent apartment and lease the house out for a year. I wish I could tell you that the rental situation worked out to be the perfect solution, but I can’t. Since that chapter is now over in our lives, thank goodness, I try not to dwell on it and instead try to focus on the brighter side: 1. We learned a lot about being landlords, 2. We were able to get out of our credit card debt. 3. We were finally able to MOVE in and enjoy our hard work…

Three months ago we spent two tireless weeks cleaning up the disaster left behind by our tenants. Thanks to our ever supportive family we were able to move into a freshly painted, clean home.

The Wall-Nuts:

So now that you know the backstory I should probably explain why I am here. Through the ups and downs of renovating we quickly realized that we were meant to do this kind of work. I am not going to pretend that we always enjoyed everything we did; but we both learned a lot and enjoyed working together. It was clear from the beginning that we were both renovation junkies; infected by the “House Pride” disease. We picked everything thing out together and installed most finishes ourselves. Neither one of us have formal training in construction nor interior design, but we managed along the way. Many people think we are Nuts for working so hard on our house all the time. I guess we just love creating new spaces and working with our hands which makes it seem less like work and more like fun.

I wish I would have cataloged our remodel better the first time around.  There are hundreds of pictures to sort through and stories to tell. I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality, moving forward we will work hard to catalog all our new projects with great pictures. Now that we are moved in and settling down we are back in “Renovation Mode” ready to tackle the countless projects that lay ahead. Moving from a 500 SF apartment to a 1330 SF house is sort of like moving into a mansion for us. We have plenty of decorating and remodeling to come.  Being an avid reader of many home design blogs I decided it was time to get off the bench and start blogging along with the rest of the renovation junkies out there. I need the creative outlet and interaction with other self professed DIYers. So here we are, “The Wall-Nuts”, two people who are crazy about the walls that surround them.

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6 Responses to We are The Wall-Nuts!

  1. Paige Alana says:

    Can’t wait to see before and after pictures! ;)

    • Rocky says:

      LOL… Just wait… I have a good picture of you for my wood flooring/bribing (aka begging) family members to help post

  2. Kathryn says:

    Kudos to you both! 1508 certainly was a diamond in the rough. Good eye.

  3. kris says:

    Great job! The two of you are adorable. ;-)

    I have a question on the fence you made, if. the boards are 6ft each how many uprights did you add to each section? I love the look and how you used the boards on both sides of the fence. The planters are aweome. The hanging pearl succulents would look great in there too.

    Can you power wash the stone and see what color it really may be, or even. Stain the concrete the same shade as your fence?

    The pallet garden would be adorable in your yard as well. Thanks for posting a link to your blog, the name rocks too.

    Keep it fun and you will continue to love. your house.

    • Rocky says:

      Thank you so much for checking it out!
      In answer to your questions: We cut the top off the typical fence boards which came out to about 5′-9″. We then used one upright at either end. The only places where we used more upright’s were along the front fence where we wanted to mimic the pattern of the bricks. I will check out the pearl succulents, I have been randomly collecting a few here and there everytime we go to Home Depot to fill in the planters.
      I would love to give staining the brick a shot…however, Andy is vehemently against painting/staining brick or concrete. Years of helping his dad paint houses has scarred him for life ;) I will continue to work on him, I mentioned that you thought it would be a good idea…hehe. In the meantime I will use the power washer, I can’t believe I havent thought ot doing that sooner!
      We are continuing the fence along our yard, I will post more about how we build it in a future post.

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