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So, last time I was able to write a post we were in a mad rush to get ready for out of town guests. I had a massive list of things to do: finish the outdoor fire pit, paint the bathroom and spruce it up, buy a queen mattress for the guest room etc.

The Thursday night before everyone arrived we ran around like chicken’s with our heads cut off buying items to check off the list. Our Ikea trip was hugely successful, we were about to walk out empty handed when I made Andy walk to the “As-Is” section on the bottom floor. We scored a queen memory foam mattress ( $259, normally $499) and two outdoor chairs ( approximately $40/chair). At least when we left we had a place for one couple to sleep and chairs for 4 people to sit on!

What I probably didnt mention is that everyone was coming to town for our friends wedding, three of our husbands were groomsman. It was on a Friday afternoon, started at the botanical gardens in Palos Verdes with the reception following at a restaurant in San Pedro. The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom could not have looked happier. One of the highlights of the wedding was the photobooth set up with crazy hats/glasses and props. It resulted in a few awesome photos, here is a peak:

There I am, dead center laughing, Andy is behind me with the champagne glasses on. Classy!

Classic Andy and Rocky photos…

You are probably wondering what these photos have to do with home renovations…well nothing actually… I thought they were a lot of fun and proof we do more than work and house projects :)

Ten of us came back to 1508 after the wedding. I was shocked that we were able to comfortably fit everyone. I worried someone might be stuck on the patio, j/k. Each couple took a room, equipped with air mattresses and bedding they brought from home. One couple set up camp in the living room. It was definitely tight, but no one seemed to mind.

One of our house guests ran out Saturday morning and picked up a big jug of coffee from Starbucks and we all snacked on italian cookes from the wedding (more like pastries) for breakfast. Andy had already made plans to host a huge thai cookoff that day. He and our friend Tim were the acting Sous chefs. So while they went out to grab supplies we girls decided a shopping trip was in order.

I love figuring out the cheapest way to buy things that I love. For example, I painstakingly wait until the summer each year to buy linens at my favorite bedding company’s, Matteo, massive sample sale. Or I make sure to hit up the Zgallerie outlet first when shopping for furniture. Since one of our friends recently moved, and she is searching for a couch I took everyone to the Zgallerie outlet in Gardena:

Couches galore, all about 50% off.

Chairs, chairs and more chairs.

A tag for a large white leather sectional.

We all left empty handed on this trip. I did not have anything I was “Really” looking for. In fact, after stocking the house for all of our guests I had inacted a self imposed spending freeze. It is amazing how it all adds up, one trip to target, one trip to big lots, one trip to homegoods, $200 dollars later…

The cons of shopping at the outlet are that you Must bring home what you bought immediately. You cannot return items bought from the outlet. Also the outlet has very strange hours Tus-Fri 10-2pm and Sat 11-3pm. That being said, it you are ever in the greater Los Angeles area, love Zgallerie and need furniture, this is the place to go. If you google “zgallerie outlet, gardena, ca” the address will pop up with store hours and buisness phone.

After shopping we enjoyed an amazing thai curry meal with about 15 friends thanks to Andy and Tim. It was the perfect way to round out a fun/busy weekend. It was also proof that our front yard is a Great place for summer BBQ’s! I wish I would have snapped a picture or two, but I was pretty busy trying to play host and visit with people.

I will catch you up on my pre party progress in the next few posts. We had a non functioning second bathroom shower head and bathtub faucet before our guests arrived. I was determined to tackle this one on my own while Andy was away for the weekend. With the help of good ole dad (via cell phone and text messaging photos – gotta love technology) and a friend who accompanied me on my adventure we were able to get it done in a Saturday afternoon. More about that to come!

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