1508 Before…..

1508...and Andy

I may have already scared anyone willing to read this blog away by posting the picture of Andy looking crazy with his “gas” mask on and ant spray in hand. I may also be revealing too much of the exterior for the 3rd post. 

By many standards our house isn’t anything special. It is a 2 story 1330 SF house built in 1964 in a suburb of Los Angeles. There are 4 small bedrooms and 2 full baths. In order to avoid major structural changes (i.e. lots of time and cost) we are working with the existing layout. Our goal is to make this small house feel as open and inviting as possible. Here is the layout:






No time like the present to break out the before/progress pics. Here is a basic look into the house… BEFORE

Kitchen photos before and at the beginning of demolition!

Kitchen Demo - 2 days after closing escrow

Kitchen Demo earlier in the day

Loving those Navy Blue ceilings...thank goodness paint is cheap!

Downstairs Landing Before

Looking up Stairs Before

Dining and Family Room after removing the mirror panels flanking the kitchen entry…

Dining Room after removing wood floors and mirror panels... 1 week into renovation


Family Room Before - Week 1 - We needed to call in the big guns to help rip up the termite damaged wood floors!

Family Room - Week 3 - Freshly Primed

Exterior Before…

Exterior Before... sorry about the picture quality on this one... I scanned it in from a hardcopy

Garden - Everything we found in the crawl space underneath the house

Front Yard Before - After ripping down the "patio cover"

Exterior - Week 3 - Still going strong!

The exciting part of this day was that we actually “Found” that front window once we ripped down the “patio cover”. Up until then we assumed the master bedroom only had one window. We decided that the original owner must have liked the “I live in a cave” feel and embraced a dimly lit cramped room…Yay for our amazingly free upgrade…time to order another window!

So that is about the best of the best for my Before photos. Sadly we did not take any good pictures of the upstairs bedrooms. They were about as filthy and dreary as the downstairs, just add a few layers of wall paper (what a nightmare!).

Now I bet you are wondering what it looked like before the renters moved in… Here are a few sneak peaks. I will add another marathon post of our current “moved in progress” state later

Pre Renter After Renovation…

Kitchen After

Stair Landing After

Stairs After

Exterior AfterDining and Family Room After

So there it is…6 months later… a lot of sweat… a little blood…One Renovated Home! Stay tuned…
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